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Enhance your journey in Malaysia with us. Make the most of your time and expenses here. Allow us to help you cover and experience as much as you can within your budget and time frame to produce an unforgettable Malaysian Experience like no other.


Get a change of views from jungle to island. Travel through different states experiencing different sights, cultures and cuisines.


Hop from the islands on the east coast to the islands on the west coast and experience everything in the middle.


A common backyard / playground activity, zip lining has grown to be a popular vacation activity. Glide from tree to tree, add a stunning location and the experience will be thrilling and unforgettable



Tubing down a river is not only fun and exciting but offers more than just a refreshing ride on a hot summer day.


Led by our experienced guides while you immerse in your surroundings. With knowledge on local flora and fauna, our guides will be sure to point out anything interesting along the hike.


Slacklining is not limited to just walking or balancing – you can perform a wide variety of tricks, jumps or bounces, you can use the line for static poses, fitness and yoga


Enjoy the thrills of rafting while soaking up the view of the lush jungles in Malaysia. Limited to certain campgrounds. 

With our desire to raise the standards of outdoor adventures here in Malaysia, We’ve equipped ourselves as certified Wilderness First Aid Consultants as part of ensuring our clients can trust and rest assured that they are in safe, competent and professional hands.

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