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responsible travels since 2012


Our aim is to promote Malaysia’s natural rainforest vibes and experiences that it offers while educating visitors on the ways we can help preserve it. Being an outdoor enthusiast, HIJAU has expended their business into bringing corporations & School Camps into the outdoors by providing corporate retreats a revamp of team building and also catering to various outdoor events. We here at HIJAU endeavor to share and expand the beautiful yet thrilling experience, deliver the best service, create a safe environment and achieve ultimate comfort all while camping out under the stars.

HIJAU [hee-jau] is the Malaysian term for the colour green. HIJAU Adventures is committed to minimizing our impact on our already fragile environment by using the latest Eco technologies. We conduct our business in a manner that benefits the environment and neighbouring communities. We believe that responsible and sustainable travel has the ability to protect the natural wildlife area and to contribute positively to our local communities.


From countless of weekend escapes from the city to jungle, we had the chance to explore Malaysia like never before.Taking the road less travelled is our objective and it has led many friends from all over joining us on our journey.  

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